Band Bio

The Love Handles are a 13-piece high energy party band featuring multiple singers, a full blazing horn section, and a butt-shaking rhythm section. They perform a mix of floor-filling dance hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s. 
The Love Handles formed in 2014 as a modest dad band project in Mike’s garage and have since evolved into a large, fun-loving group of guys and gals with a professional stage show whose sole drive is to get people dancing and partying.
The Love Handles are known for their hard work, humble attitude, and passionate dedication and commitment to music. They rehearse every week and continually add new songs to keep the show fresh. 

Who are the Love Handles?

Mike Buckley

Mike Buckley

Front Man | Lead Vox | Rhythm Guitar

Alex Steinhart

Bass Guitar  |  Pocket



Luke Siegfried

Drums  |  Cymbals | Fred Schneider
 Jonathan Strausburg
Sax  |  Guitar | CTO

Russell Golub
Token Professional Musician

Michael Coulson

Micheal plays the slidey thing | no one knows how it works.

Rob Cocks

Trumpet  |  Cowbell
Bill Jenkins

Bill Jenkins


Kristy Cowan

Female Vox

Suzy Butler

Female Vox | Keytar

Barry Gilbrech

Trumpet | Cowbell